“Chris—Wow I just wanted to send you this huge Thank You. Your Grant Funding got me into an upgrading course valued at $5,000.00. Best money I have ever spent!!!”

Wow I just wanted to send you this huge Thank You and my update on how your Grant Funding course got me into an MS office upgrading course to upgrade all of my office skills to be able to find a job. I have been struggling with finding a job as my skills were outdated and I could not compete in the marketplace. I was able to look and secure this Fasttrack course and it will give me a huge advantage when looking for a job. The Value of the course is $5,000 which I could not have afforded on my own. The self-confidence alone is valuable beyond words to help me launch my new business and move forward. Again, Chris, Thank you so much for your Program and your help whenever I needed some. I don’t believe I could have done this without you! Best money I have ever spent on a course!!!