Is Chris Johnson the Grant Funding Expert a Scam/Ripoff?

Fair question. There are a lot of scams and ripoffs out there, and it’s smart to be skeptical and do your research. You work hard for your money and need to protect it. Here is what you needto know to protect yourself.

How Do You Spot a Scam?

One of the most telling signs of a scam or ripoff is that a company does not have a long history. A trick that scammers use is to open a company, take money, dissolve the company (to be judgement-proof), and then open another company to start the cycle over again. Another sign of a scam is that you can’t really tell who is behind a company, or they make up fake names and use stock photos.

Here are the facts, for you to decide for yourself:

  • Chris Johnson has been in business since 2004 and strives to maintain a stellar reputation and customer experience
  • Chris Johnson has helped his students receive millions of dollars in funding for business, education, real estate, and more.
  • The overwhelming majority of Chris Johnson’s customers are happy with the product and the personalized service offered by Chris Johnson
  • Nearly every participant at Chris Johnson’s Free Money University rates the event 10/10, and are glad they attended
  • There is a minuscule number of customer complaints, and Chris Johnson resolves each. It’s important to note that the single complaint that exists on Ripoff Report is from a customer who posted it preemptively as leverage for a simple request, and that customer is deeply regretful that Ripoff Report will not permit them to remove it, even though the customer is satisfied. (Ripoff Report has its own agenda to extort people to pay to have false, negative information corrected, which more and more people are realizing.)
  • Chris Johnson has spent years working hard, teaching tens of thousands of good, hard-working people get money to fuel their dreams. He’s in it for the long haul, and looks forward to helping many more in the future.